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Our offer

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Cleansing the car body and metal parts:
- sanding,
- sodium,
- cleaning by immersion method.

Body protection:
- epoxy primer,
- cortaninem, the possibility of the client's order,      full body galvanizing or catapulting with cataphoresis. 

Comprehensive reconstruction of the car body on the original parts as well as those reproduced by reconstruction.
We are able to rebuild any car body.


A wide range of varnish coatings according to the customer's order.


Professional sewing:
- upholstery leather and velor according to the order     customer,
- carpet,
- soffit,
- door panels,
- regeneration and carving boards,
- regeneration of couches, armchairs, seats.  


Comprehensive repair and renovation:
- engines,
- automatic and manual gearboxes,
- steering systems,
- suspension,
- wires,
- brakes,
- electrical installation. 

Renovation of wooden parts

Our company offers comprehensive services for the renovation of car and antique motorbike elements. We also deal with the renovation of wooden elements of historic vehicles. Regeneration of wooden parts in classic vehicles is a very demanding process.

Chrome plating

Renovation / renovation of all chromed elements (including zamak and aluminum)
- copper plating,
- nickel-plating,
- chroming,
- polishing. 

We offer rich access to car parts.

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