Bodywork is one of the essential elements of the entire renovation process of a classic
car. The bodyshell is something on what we focus our first look when we see, for  example, the beautiful Jaguar
E-type or the classic Mercedes W 113. It is the condition of the bodywork that largely determines the value of a given car.

By putting your car in our professional hands, you can be absolutely sure that all the  work will be carried out by the best specialists who use very modern and rich technical facilities.

Before starting the first stage of work that is dismantling the car, our company sets out  a lot of important details with the customer. It is the client who ultimately determines the standard and scope of renovation based on the detailed information that he receive from us. After dismantling the car, cataloging and securing all parts 
(from several hundred parts in less technically advanced cars like; GAZ M-20 Pobieda,  GAZ-24 Wołga, Warsaw M-20, Warsaw 223/224 up to several thousand, as in Aston Martin DB5 , Mercedes Benz W 187, BMW E9 or Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider) we make an assessment of the actual condition of the vehicle and carry out very detailed inspection of the bodywork. At this stage, we assess the condition of individual elements, the extent of corrosion and the type of damage or deficiencies.

We decide  which parts will be renovated and which should be reconstructed. Very often in such advanced body works it is necessary to exchange most important car elements  responsible for driveability and travel safety such as stringers or reinforcements. We also pay particular attention for other parts of the car body, such as wheel arches, or sills. When we talk about body work, one of its most important elements is welding 
and grinding welds.

We can guarantee the highest standard of performance of these works. In order to fit  the individual car body parts as accurately as possible, our specialists use special frames. Appropriate fitting of all elements, the ideal gap between the doors, the boot or the mask gives you the guarantee of the highest car market price.

Mercedes 280 SL


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