We do comprehensive renovation of antique cars and motorcycles elements and we  regenerate its parts. Our company offers renovation with possibility of metalizing; chrome-plating, nickel-plating, copper-plating and zinc-plating all of this using galvanic method. We also undertake renewal of chromed elements. Thanks to our qualified workers staff and modern technology we guaranty the highest service quality.

Supatron company offers classic vehicles renovation from scratch. We have already  completed countless renovations, eg. on cars like Jaguar MKVII, MKVIII, MK IX, Jaguar MKX, Mercedes-Benz W107, Mercedes W111 QP, Mercedes SL 190, Mercedes SL 230, 280, Porsche 911, Porsche 912, Ferrari or Bentley. We use the newest technologies and checked techniques. Our company has long experience and provides individual approach to each client. We can undertake tooling of each kind of metal; steel, aluminum etc.

We operate, among others galvanization method. It is a process of creating permanently  adjacent thin metallic layers and placing them on a given part of the vehicle. This process takes place through the flow of electricity between the electrodes in the baths filled with solutions of chromium salts, so-called; Galvanic bath.

We offer:

of chromed parts. It is a tooling thanks to which we get a surface with low  roughness with high dimensional and shape accuracy. We perform these types of tooling with great precision, using grinders and the latest technology tools. 

is the process of applying a layer of copper to a given element, it increases  its hardness and resistance to corrosion. These types of coatings are used by us for protective and decorative purposes, due to their specific color and long-lasting gloss. The element must be well prepared for this tooling; it is subjected of grinding and polishing process, all cavities are replenished and a copper layer is applied, which is polished by hand with the greatest accuracy, the final effect is the application of a copper mirror. This layer allows the regeneration of car parts, it can also be an undercoat for other metals. 

is a treatment thanks to which we give the former shine and restore the original  color to the varnish that is tarnished or scratched. It consists in a delicate wipe of the top layer of varnish, which is often very thin. Contrary to appearances, it is quite a serious process, which our specialists deal with best. 

is a process of applying on a chosen, often steel element a layer of nickel.  This type of layers are very durable and resistant to external factors, making them a perfect base for other galvanic coatings, at the same time they stand out with their stylish appearance. The best effects are achieved by covering element first with copper layer and then with thin layer of nickel. However in the highest quality coating this layer is only a base under the chromium layer.

of automotive parts and rebuilding of chromed elements. It is a great idea to  make your car unique, thanks to the mirror surface it can easily stand out from the crowd. Renovation by chroming car parts gives the vehicle a unique look and also makes the elements harder, increases their heat resistance and corrosion resistance. 

For this purpose, we use the galvanization method. The chroming process requires high  precision. The chroming service is a labor-intensive task that consists of; dissembling the car, cataloging its parts and evaluating details, then removing the old coating from the given elements with the electrolytic method and securing the screws, subsequently filling the cavities, grinding, coppering, polishing and applying a layer of nickel so that the element 
could end up in a chrome tub. Thanks to this process, we can restore parts to the factory  look and the former glow. 

We also offer reconstruction of damaged parts of the vehicle with brass casts. This material  is distinguished by good mechanical features and resistance to many external factors. In the machining process of castings we offer electrochemical tooling. This service is performed by our best tinsmiths. 
it is coating of steel elements with a thin layer of zinc. It provides corrosion  protection several times greater than non-galvanized steel. It is called cathodic protection phenomenon. Our company deals with zinc plating using the galvanizing method or the fire method, i.e. immersion method, it allows you to reach every crevice. Hot dip galvanizing is the application of a mechanically strong zinc layer to another metal, this layer means a durable, universal coating and excellent protection against rust. The zinc coating is formed on the entire surface of the steel as well as on both sides of the surface of the closed profiles. 

Thanks to the long experience and commitment of our professionals we guarantee the  highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

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