Cleansing the car body and metal parts

The process of cleaning the body of an antique car is a very complicated and complex process. It
requires a huge knowledge in many fields, extensive experience and technical facilities. A badly
chosen method of cleaning, inappropriate preparation of the car body or unskillful carrying out of the
process itself can lead to very serious or even irreversible damage.

Supatron offers you a wide range of safe and effective methods for cleaning car bodies and metal
elements. We offer professional assistance in choosing the most suitable method that will be optimal
for your car. Upon request, we can explain all issues and complexities related to this topic.
Below we will try to bring you closer to the individual stages of the entire process.
It all starts with the complete dismantling of the vehicle, the photographing and cataloging of all its
parts. This is followed by an assessment of the actual state and selection of the most appropriate
method to remove old paint coatings.

The choice of the method depends on many factors, such as the type and thickness of the old varnish,
the thickness of the sheet, the degree of its damage, the car brand and the amount of budget
foreseen for this work.

Our company offers the following car body cleansing methods:
- soda cleaning
- chemical cleaning by immersion method
- cleaning with nut shells
- manual cleaning
- sanding

Soda cleaning
is very safe and effective method of surface cleansing. It does not cause any damage to
the structure of the processed material. The cleaning material in this process is soda with special
granulation. It is a safe method for people who carry it and for the natural environment. Soda
cleaning is recommended for work on western cars such as Mercedes W111 coupe, Mercedes
Pagoda, Mercedes SL 190 or Jaguar E-Type.

Chemical cleaning
by immersion method involves placing the car body in a bath with a pickling bath. It
is a fast and reliable method. The bath works evenly on the entire object immersed in it. Penetrates
even the smallest gaps and effectively removes all old coatings, rust, tarnish and dirt. This method is
especially recommended for cleaning car bodies of such brands as Ferrari or Bentley.

cleaning method is the most popular way to effectively clean the car body. This method
is the most suitable for cars that have the appropriate sheet thickness, e.g. Polish cars such as
Warsaw or Soviet, such as the Volga. The body of this type of car is so thick that it is not deformed or
damaged during sandblasting with abrasive grains called abrasives. However, it should be clearly
stated that for the aforementioned cars, other cleaning methods, such as soda cleaning or immersion
method, are equally effective and recommended. It all depends on the condition of a particular
element. Thanks to sandblasting, we will remove old paint layers relatively quickly and effectively, and
at the same time we will create an excellent surface with adequate cleanness and roughness to
position new coatings.

The next step after cleaning is applying an anti-corrosive layer, most often epoxy. However, we also
offer cataphoresis, one of the most modern methods of applying varnish coatings and galvanizing. The 
cleansing method is selected individually considering all conditions. Afterwards all the elements of the
car body are assembled and very precisely matched.

The above description is a very short and general description of a very complicated and complex
process. We will be happy to provide our clients with detailed and comprehensive information on the
above topic.

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