Car upholstery is a difficult and at the same time very grateful part of the whole process  renovation of a classic vehicle. It is a combination of art, classical crafts and the latest technologies. For many years, Supatron has specialized in the professional renovation of an antique vehicles, including the renovation, repair and restoration of classic car upholstery.

Car interior is one of those elements that can really make a huge impression on us. It  especially applies to antique cars, in which the interiors were performed with great craftsmanship and meticulousness, reflecting the spirit of their era. Upholstery is one of the first things that draws our attention after we get into the car. It just cannot be ignored. It creates an atmosphere that we perceive with our senses. Sight, touch, smell, and even sound. All this can enchant us, make us feel special.

The subject of upholstery in classic, vintage cars is extremely difficult. Such vehicles require a  special and unconventional approach based on extensive technical and historical knowledge. Thanks to our sincere passion, knowledge and many years of experience we are able to perfectly recreate the original interior of the car, full of glamor and elegance. This is of particular importance when the owner wants to preserve the historical character of the vehicle. It is also possible thanks to the very rich documentation we have, photos, drawings, models, etc. Access to the latest technologies in the field of upholstery is also very important. We can also create at the clients request a completely different, unique interior reflecting the style and personality of its owner. Without a doubt, we can meet even the most sophisticated and extraordinary projects. 
Reconstruction of damaged classic car upholstery is a very time-consuming task. It requires  great precision and care to even the smallest detail. Thats why all of our work is done by the best specialists. The whole process of car upholstery renovation in addition to time requires a lot of work and consists of many stages. At the beginning, the interior is photographed and described. The next stage is the disassembly and cataloging of individual parts. Next, it is assessed which elements will be regenerated and which should be reconstructed due to the high degree of damage. Often the process of regeneration is subjected to the frames of couches and seats. They are precisely cleaned, re-protected and painted. The spring mounts are also replaced. Each even the smallest single piece is perfectly made and matched. This has a direct effect on comfort and convenience while driving.

These are just some of the elements of this very complex process. In addition to many typical upholstery works, such as quilting or embroidering, we can also perform a patterns on the materials. For sewing car  upholstery we use materials that meet specialist standards and have appropriate certificates. In our offer we have a very wide selection of the highest quality materials such as natural leather, alcantra, velor, and sewn of the most recognized brands in the world. Wide range of colors allow to satisfy every taste and create a unique, atmospheric interior. We respect and understand our clients and their passion. From the very beginning, we have been making the greatest efforts to meet the expectations and dreams of special owners of special vehicles.

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