The "Supatron Classic Cars" offer includes varnishing of the whole vehicle or a selected part  of an antique car or motorcycle. Depending on the wishes and individual preferences of the client, we offer both a comprehensive restoration of the paintwork of a given classic and the application of a new varnish from scratch. We offer a wide range of varnish colors to choose from.

A good varnish is a showcase of the vehicle, that why the varnishing process is carried out by our best specialists. The application of the varnish coating takes place in a modern spray booth where we use the highest quality tools necessary for this type of work, such as the best quality compressor. However, the most of the work is done manually. In order for the paint to look perfectly and maintain its properties for many years to protect our car from 
rust, it is necessary to carefully prepare the basis. First, our experts assess the actual  condition of the selected part or the whole vehicle. After familiarizing with the characteristics of the element, it is thoroughly cleaned and ground, then an appropriate metallic coating is applied to protect against destructive weather conditions and to prevent rusting. For this purpose we use for example the zinc-plating process. Its advantage is durability and high resistance to temperature changes. Before varnishing an epoxy resin layer is applied to the coating, it has excellent insulating and protecting properties. The last step is the painting of the element itself. In order for the varnish to receive the original factory appearance and also to ensure that the vehicle gets the highest market value, it is 
necessary to apply several layers.

Depending on the class of the car we use, we use from three layers, for example in cars:  GAZ-21 Wołga, GAZ-24 Wołga, Warsaw M20 up to five layers in more exclusive vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz SL 230, 280, Jaguar MKVII- MKX, Porsche 911, 912, Ferrari 288 GTO, Aston Martin DB4 or TVR 2500M. At the clients request, we can also offer varnishing the chassis in the selected color to visually enlarge the holes and enhance the mirror effect. The process so important for the image of a classic vehicle, which is the varnishing is only taken by our professionals, they give our clients a guarantee of satisfaction with the results of their work.

Porshe 911 T


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