Our company offers comprehensive services for the renovation of an antique car and  motorcycle elements. We also deal with the renovation of wooden elements of classic vehicles. Regeneration of wooden parts in historic vehicles is a very demanding process. At Supatron our most experienced specialists carry out this task.

Wooden parts of vintage cars such as Jaguar MKVII, Jaguar MKX, Mercedes-Benz W107,  Mercedes W111 QP, SL 190 or Mercedes SL 280 are made mostly by hand and with great care. Creating such elements is a complex process. An important component is the selection of the right material and then make the foundation of the given part, which consists of many very thin layers of wood, so-called. veneers. They are applied horizontally and joined 
together with a layer of glue. The next step is to give the desired shape to a given part, this is  done with the use of specially created forms and appropriate tools. Then the element is ground, lacquered and finally polished. Due to the complexity of this process, the service of renewal of wooden elements of an antique vehicle is also a multi-level task, which consists of a series of activities.

The first step in renovating the wooden parts of the car is to dismantle them. All elements  are cataloged and secured, then their actual state is assessed. Afterwards every element of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, any dirt is removed. The next stage of regeneration of wooden parts is the removal of the old varnish. Our professionals use two methods for this. Removal of the varnish by the chemical method is carried out with the use of appropriate 
chemicals that soften the old layer of varnish to such an extent that it is possible to remove  it easily, without exposing the wood texture to damage. Removal of the old varnish layer by mechanical method is done, for example, by tanning the element. The layer of varnish covering a given part of the vehicle becomes removable by subjecting it to high temperatures. The kind of method that our experts will use depends on various factors, including the species and hardness of the wood, the level of destruction of the element or its 'age'. After thorough cleaning and removal of the varnish, we can go to the next stage of renewal of the given element, which is filling the cavities. When it comes to renovating wooden elements, we use the highest quality resin for this purpose. Completing the deficiencies in the wood texture is necessary to take the next step which is grinding, we can obtain an element with a perfectly smooth surface.

The next stage of renovation is applying new varnish. This activity requires high precision  that our professionals can guarantee. The choice of the color of the varnish is decided by the client, whom we offer to choose the color from our unlimited color range. The finishing of the whole renewal process is polishing. It is necessary to achieve the desired gloss and smoothness of the whole element. After careful completion of all the above activities, we 
can conclude that the element is ready.  Unfortunately, in vintage cars, some wooden elements can be so damaged that their regeneration becomes impossible. That is why in our services we also offer reconstruction of damaged parts. In the process of creating a specific element, we accurately reproduce every detail of the original look and our specialists choose only the best-selected materials. Satisfaction with the effects guaranteed.

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